Earthmoving Rentals

We specialize in earthmoving equipment suitable for the agricultural sector.

Let farmers focus on farming and let us take care of yellow equipment needs. We have many custom accessories for agricultural requirements.

Compact Excavator

1.5, 3 and 5.5 ton zero-tail swing excavators with GP and trenching buckets. As well as rippers, augers and hydraulic hammers available.


14 and 20 ton excavator with GP and trenching bucket options as well as rippers. Auxiliary hydraulics and speciality attachments such as log splitters and tree shears as required.


D6 and D8 size machines with 20 and 40 tons are equipped with GPS guided steering for accurate rip rows as well as speciality ripper attachments such as aeration wings, turn-over ploughs, ridge ploughs and drag boxes are available. Whatever your soil preparation needs, we have a solution.


20ton capacity 6×4 dumpers for all your short hauls on earthmoving or site clearing projects.


17ton machine with a 14 foot blade and experienced operator is you carving tool for precision earthmoving finishes.

Chipper & Logger

These two machines work as a team. A 24 ton whole tree horizontal grinder and a 3 wheel log handler are the perfect team to handle all medium to large wood chipping projects.

With different screen options available we can determine the chip size to suit your requirements. 

Equipment transport

Tractors or equipment 10m long, 3,2m wide up to 28 tons. Our detachable-neck lowbed with swing-out extensions makes for a low, safe and controlled loading experience.

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